The Cemetery of the Living (2013-2014)

Photographic, sound and photobook installation

B&W silver photographic series, printed in hahnemühle fine art paper



The cold, dark room, a sandy ground, the constant sound of the wind blowing, and a voice…

In the walls, some images that are born of rotten trunks, of wood from another time.

The cemetery of the living is a photographic and narrative reflection on life, death and the mysterious place occupied by the marginalized in large cities.

The voice that resonates on the walls of a character who seems to have been forgotten, by everyone, by his family who barely expresses himself, by himself, by himself, who does not even recognize the pores of his skin.

The discovery of a place that exists, although it is invisible to us.



-November/December 2013. Lomography Gallery Madrid, Spain.

El Portal Cementerio de los Vivos - Olenka Carrasco