Deconstructing Venezuela (2015-WIP)



News of the repression is accumulating, the deaths, police violence, the mother calling with her voice off to admit that she had not been able to eat meat for two months. Famine. The nephew who can die of an asthma attack, a disease that, where I live, has not killed anyone for centuries. In the distance, between them and me: the ocean, nights of vigil, calls to action, I share, I echo, I manifest, I manifest; I look around, I photograph the void, I return at my own pace from countries of the first world and in an instant, my country of origin dissolves.

How can we live in exile with all the images that are being broadcast? To preserve existence, do we see ourselves forced to erase certain memories, certain moments of the day, from our immediate memory? Do we apply the same censorship to these memories as to traumatic memories, do we lock them in the same room because they become threats to our reason?

Where I come from or Deconstructing Venezuela is a work in progress that takes place in Paris, with my constant journey back and forth to my country through images. It is one of the chapters of a vast work on the contemporary Forgotten.
This chapter is composed of three episodes with silver photographs B&W and Color; reappropriation and reinterpretation of images through artistic gestures; texts and some videos. It is designed as an exhibition, installation and photobook.

The episodes:

Hunger mapping

The void