La Trace – Imago Factory

Each year at Imago Factory, the workshop, Oleñka Carrasco creates and directs a publication that brings together the work done by all the students around the subject of the year.
It is not a catalogue, it is rather a photobook where the different languages and proposals of each participant interact with an editorial line that changes and adapts each year to the current subject.

Imago Factory, the Workshop is an original creation by Bruno Dubreuil and Oleñka Carrasco. It is a laboratory of exploration for the creation of artistic projects around the image. The workshop has been held in Paris since 2015.

2018-2019 : The secret / The forbidden

« The complexity of editing this book, which brings together all the work presented by the students of Imago Factory 2018-2019, lies in the need to make it as faithful as possible to our creative journey.
By opening it, by leafing through it, this book will reveal the secrets of its authors. Breaking into their intimacy is like tearing out the page that contains each story, knowing that in most cases we will also be tearing out the image that composes it.
It is a decision the reader makes. »


2017-2018: The book as an object


2016-2017: The Memory