Imago Factory, the workshop

Imago is a pedagogical structure, eminently practical, which functions as a laboratory for artistic exploration focused on the practice of photography.

We work with our students to develop creative writing and image-based projects with a year-round subject.

It was born in 2016 as a collaboration, a creative project, an association between Oleñka Carrasco and Bruno Dubreuil.

Who is our workshops for?

-Des personnes ou professionnels qui pratiquent déjà la photo, mais ont envie d’aller plus loin : pas simplement faire de belles images, mais développer une écriture personnelle, construire un projet artistique en photo.

-Artistes plastiques et Écrivain.e.s ayant déjà construit un projet personnel et voulant explorer l’univers visuel de la photographie.

Our areas of work in Imago…

The artist's background....

-Work on cultural references, the exploitation of autobiographical roots and other personal experiences.

-Reflect on what is upstream of the work, supports it and helps to develop its artistic identity.

Work on your critical thinking skills....

-Strengthen your own artistic approach.

-Develop a working method.

-Analyze images, exercise reflection and critical thinking.

-Explore a given theme through exercises.

Confronting photography with...

-Literature / Writing.

-Experimentation and plastic gestures.

-Its own medium, its own form.

After Imago you will be able to…

Develop a personal project by experimenting / working on the narrative and artistic character of your own approach, through multidisciplinary courses.

Complete a work in progress.

Design your project in exhibition format, photo book, professional portfolio.

Practical information

The workshop is held all year round in a group of maximum 15 students.

8 sessions on Tuesdays, once a month, from 7:30 pm to 10 pm.

2 practical sessions, 2 Saturdays per year, from 11am to 5pm. (Photographic exploration sessions such as: Land-Art outing, night photography, dummy building, photographic narrative…)

Our courses are held at our partner’s Eleventh Place, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris.

1 collective publication at the end of the year called La Trace.

1 pop up exhibition of the best works presented all year round.

Preparation of students for professionals portfolios readings.

Our subjects of the year…

The proliferation

A form of life, a place where reason is transformed into drawing, writing, sand… a territory of the possible, an exceptional creature with thousands of possibilities for movement. Here we are faced with the organic multiplicity of form….

The Secret / The forbidden

Treated according to two photographic axes: Intimate and Documentary. The Secret has become a threshold, a portal, the possibility of a story drawn from several exercises. Two different approaches, two ways to photograph the same subject is the challenge of our students….

Lose yourself in the words received from an anonymous postcard.

To unveil yourself, or to unveil others.

The book as an object





The Memory





Who we are ?

Oleñka Carrasco

Bruno Dubreuil