Writer, photographer and artist from Venezuela based in Paris

«I am a set of impressions, traces, footprints, of all the places where I have lived, through which I have passed. The writing and the analogue photography are my means of expression and with them I seek the ideal fusion between my photos and my stories, passing, in both media, from dream to diary; from the absurd to social criticism; from hyper-realism to surrealism. Each of my projects begins in me and seeks its referent, its reflection in the world around me.
For years I have been trying to fight against the consequence that upsets me the most with my wandering step: forgetting.  This is the epicenter of my last two works: gender violence, traumatic memory; exile and the devastation of my country: Venezuela.»


2020 : Simbiosis. Exhibition and Performance with Lucía Sanchez Napal. Point Ephémère. Paris, France.

2020 : La liste de Prénoms. Exposition L’Amour et la violence. MPAA, Breguet. Paris, France.

2019 : La liste de Prénoms. Mairie du 2ème arrondissement. Paris, France.

2019 : La liste de Prénoms. Exposition Sorcières d’aujourd’hui. MPAA, Breguet. Paris, France.

2019 : Le cimetière des vivants. Vedere Parole :Mostra Internazionale dell libro d’artista. Rossano, Italie

2019 : Le cimetière des vivants. Parcours Voies Off, Rencontres Arles.
La Casa de la Tapicera, with Nía Diedla.

2018 : La liste de Prénoms. Galerie L’Aberrante, Montpellier, France.

2018 : La liste de Prénoms. Coloque PhotoTexte engagée. MSH-CNRS Paris.

2017 : La liste de Prénoms. Maison des Femmes de Montreuil. France

2017 : La liste de Prénoms. Performance 25 Nov, Place de la République. Paris

2015 : La Multiplicité de l’autofragmention. Immix Gallery. Paris, France.

2015 : Lettres de Paris. Dummy nominated and shortlisted to the Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award and exhibited in Rencontres d’Arles, France.

2015 : Lettres de Paris. Rencontres Photographiques du 10ème 2015. Paris, France.

2014 : Le cimetière des vivants. Lomography Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2013 : Histoires Analogiques Extraordinaires. Lomography Gallery Madrid, Spain.

2013 :Histoires Analogiques Extraordinaires. Exhibited in Salon des Arts de Saint-Jory.


2019 : The cemetery of the living. Self Published.

2018 : La Latitude des pas. Ediciones Casiopea. Espagne.

2017 : La Nostalgia es una revuelta. Tigres de Papel. Espagne. Nominated to Prix Livre Photo-Texte de l’Année (“Photo-Text Book Prize of the Year”) and exhibited at Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles, 2017.

2015 : Lettres de Paris. Dummy.

Education and Training

2019-Currently: Drawing and mixed techniques with Vincent Bizien at the Ateliers de Beaux Arts. Paris, France.

2015-2016: Advanced courses in photography and artistic research at the Jean Verdier Centre. Paris, France.

2010: European Master in Literature. Specialization in Show Theory at UC3M. Madrid, Spain.

2005: Master in Conflict’s Resolution. UN. Madrid, Spain.

2003: Master’s degree in Literature at UCV. Caracas, Venezuela

Workshops I created and run, Mediation project

2016-Currently. Imago Factory, le workshop with Bruno Dubreuil. Paris
. France

2018-Currently. “Art Photography Workshop” for the Objectif Photo national project . Association Parole de Photographes. Paris.

2016-2017. “Collective creation of a Photobook Dummy”, editing director at La Trace. Paris.

2015-currently. Photographic, literary, artistic Mediation at French National Education (High School and College). Paris.