Apartment with a view (2017)

Photographic series of 15 analogue color images and texts


Description :


From the window, I saw how the first tent was set up; in less than two weeks, more than fifty tents accumulated in an area of barely 60m². Exposed to the elements, entire families trying to obtain asylum. They had become my landscape on the banks of the Canal; when we met on the doorstep where they were protecting themselves from the rain, they smiled timidly, the police cut down the camp early in the morning so that the neighbours would not see or oppose, would not photograph or become witnesses. I shouted, I shared, I echoed, I demonstrated, but the city followed its rhythm, adapted, and in an instant all these lives without papers and fugitives were dissolved.

Vue dégagée (Apartment with a vue) is a photographic project carried out between 2016 and 2017, during my stay as a resident on the banks of the Canal Saint-Martin in Paris; a place that has been undergoing constant changes in its topography for several years. From government forgetfulness to the most absolute “gentrification”. This series begins as a song to urban absurdity and ends as a denunciation of the policy of welcoming migrants and homeless people. These hundreds of migrants who were trying to find asylum had settled on the banks of the Canal opposite my home. They had transformed into my everyday landscape, their privacy and mine were just separated by my French windows. A new frontier established by the State, me in the comfort of my agency apartment, them in the bad weather of the city. About twenty of the photographers, journalists came every day, I was unable to photograph their intimacy, they were not a subject of work, they were my neighbours.  My subject: the grids that lock us up, that separate us, the true view of these two years.

The photographic series is composed of 18 colour photographs and excerpts from texts composed as diptychs and triptychs.