Writer, photographer and artist from Venezuela based in Paris

Born in Venezuela in 1980, Oleñka Carrasco travelled and lived in so many different places, that she sees herself as being from everywhere, and from nowhere.

«I am a set of impressions, traces, footprints, of all the places where I have lived, through which I have passed. The camera and the typewriter become my means of expression and with them I seek the ideal fusion between my photos and my stories, passing, in both media, from dream to diary; from the absurd to social criticism; from hyper-realism to surrealism. Each of my projects begins in me and seeks its referent, its reflection in the world around me. For years I have been trying to fight against the consequence that upsets me the most with my wandering step: forgetting.  This is the epicenter of my last two works: gender violence, femicides; exile and the devastation of my country: Venezuela.»


2019 : La liste de Prénoms. Mairie du 2ème arrondissement. Paris, France.

2019 : La liste de Prénoms. Exposition Sorcières d’aujourd’hui. MPAA, Breguet. Paris, France.

2019 : Le cimetière des vivants. Vedere Parole :Mostra Internazionale dell libro d’artista. Rossano, Italie

2019 : Le cimetière des vivants. Parcours Voies Off, Rencontres Arles.
La Casa de la Tapicera, with Nía Diedla.

2018 : La liste de Prénoms. Galerie L’Aberrante, Montpellier, France.

2018 : La liste de Prénoms. Coloque PhotoTexte engagée. MSH-CNRS Paris.

2017 : La liste de Prénoms. Maison des Femmes de Montreuil. France

2017 : La liste de Prénoms. Performance 25 Nov, Place de la République. Paris

2015 : La Multiplicité de l’autofragmention. Immix Gallery. Paris, France.

2015 : Lettres de Paris. Dummy nominated and shortlisted to the Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award and exhibited in Rencontres d’Arles, France.

2015 : Lettres de Paris. Rencontres Photographiques du 10ème 2015. Paris, France.

2014 : Le cimetière des vivants. Lomography Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

2013 : Histoires Analogiques Extraordinaires. Lomography Gallery Madrid, Spain.

2013 :Histoires Analogiques Extraordinaires. Exhibited in Salon des Arts de Saint-Jory.


2019 : The cemetery of the living. Self Published.

2018 : La Latitude des pas. Ediciones Casiopea. Espagne.

2017 : La Nostalgia es una revuelta. Tigres de Papel. Espagne. Nominated to Prix Livre Photo-Texte de l’Année (“Photo-Text Book Prize of the Year”) and exhibited at Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles, 2017.

2015 : Lettres de Paris. Dummy.

Education and Training

2019-Currently: Drawing and mixed techniques with Vincent Bizien at the Ateliers de Beaux Arts. Paris, France.

2015-2016: Advanced courses in photography and artistic research at the Jean Verdier Centre. Paris, France.

2010: European Master in Literature. Specialization in Show Theory at UC3M. Madrid, Spain.

2005: Master in Conflict’s Resolution. UN. Madrid, Spain.

2003: Master’s degree in Literature at UCV. Caracas, Venezuela

Workshops I created and run, Mediation project

2016-Currently. Imago Factory, le workshop with Bruno Dubreuil. Paris
. France

2018-Currently. “Art Photography Workshop” for the Objectif Photo national project . Association Parole de Photographes. Paris.

2016-2017. “Collective creation of a Photobook Dummy”, editing director at La Trace. Paris.

2015-currently. Photographic, literary, artistic Mediation at French National Education (High School and College). Paris.