OLEÑKA Carrasco


La Latitude des pas (“The Latitude of the Steps”). Photographic diary to be published in autumn 2018 (Ediciones Casiopea, Madrid, Spain).

La Liste de Prénoms (‘The Firstnames List”). Photobook / Photo-Text Series / Installation
→ November 2018 : Galerie L’Aberrante, Montpellier, France.
→ May 2018. Coloquio PhotoTexte engagée. MSH-CNRS París.
→ Octubre-Noviembre 2017. Carte Blanche” from Maison des Femmes de Montreuil in the frame of the 19th Montreuil Artists’ Workshop Open Days.
→ November 2017. Performance 25 Nov. Place de la République. Paris

La Nostalgia es una revuelta (“Nostalgia is a Riot”). Photo-Text book published in July 2017. Nominated to Prix Livre Photo-Texte de l’Année (“Photo-Text Book Prize of the Year”) and exhibited at Rencontres Photographiques d’Arles, 2017.

Deconstructing Venezuela, 2015-now. Photographic Installation / Photobook.

La Multiplicité de l’autofragmention (“The Multiplicity of Autofragmentation”). Photographic Installation. 2015. Exhibited in Paris, October 2015, at Immix Gallery.

Lettres de Paris (“Letters from Paris”) Photobook / Photographic Installation, 2015.
→ Dummy nominated at  Luma Rencontres Dummy Book Award and exhibited to Rencontres d’Arles 2015.
→ Installation, exhibited at Rencontres Photographiques du 10ème 2015. Paris.

Le Cimetière des vivants (“The Cemetery of the Livings”). Audio installation / Photobook, 2013-2014. December 2014. Exhibited at Lomography Gallery. Madrid, Spain.

Histoires Analogiques Extraordinaires (“Extraordinary Analog Stories”). Photobook / installation, 2013.
→ Exhibited at Lomography Gallery Madrid, Spain and at
→ Salon des Arts of Saint-Jory, France (Jury Prize), in 2013.



Workshops I created and run, Mediation project:

2016-Currently. “ImagoGraphie about the shared book-object”, with Bruno Dubreuil. Paris

2018-Currently. “Art Photography Workshop” for the Objectif Photo national project . Association Parole de Photographes. Paris.

2016-2017. “Collective creation of a Photobook Dummy”, editing director at La Trace. Paris.

2015-currently. Photographic, literary, artistic Mediation at French National Education (High School and College). Paris.


Education and Training:

2015­-now: Drawing and mixed technics, Atelier des beaux arts. Vincent Bizien. Paris.

Born in Venezuela, Oleñka Carrasco travelled and lived in so many different places, that she sees herself as being from everywhere, and from nowhere. After her Degree in Literature in Caracas, she moves to Spain in 2003, where she gets a Master Degree in Humanities and composes her final Thesis on “Contemporanean Latin American literature and cinema produced in the marginalized and conflictual zones of this continent; the culture as a way out of violence”. A continuation of her undergraduate thesis on urban violence in Venezuela. Both papers received the highest rating from the jury and their publication were recommended.

She lives and works in Paris.